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As discussed at Inter-Group: ECLO role is to ensure we abide by the Tradition of anonymity, as they relate to how we communicate. In accordance with the advice given in the handbook, the use personal email addresses is not recommended.

In order to resolve this we now have a locally managed secure email server. Emails received can be converted to pdf format and saved in the Archive folder on the file server.

Officer email addresses are listed in the table below this message.

The prefix:
ANIG is Avon North
ASIG is Avon South
WSO is Western Service Office
AVON is for Joint Services.

Please contact [email protected] to receive your password and instructions.


In Fellowship
Steve C
[email protected]

   Email Instructions:

Click on the Link below

This will open the web mail login page. Enter your new AA email address in the top box and your password in the lower box.

Save the link to a bookmark, for future ease of access. you have a choice of 3 programs to view your email. A generic contact list can be installed when you decide which to use, you can switch between programs. 

If you are using a client program such as Thunderbird or Outlook you can add your AA account and access your AA email from there.

Send me an email at [email protected] stating the program you intend to use, and I will forward the connection details to you.



ANIG Public Information [email protected]
ANIG Probation Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Health Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Regional Representative [email protected]
ANIG Hostels Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Regional Telephone Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Young Persons Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Prison Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Armed Forces Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Telephone Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Treasurer [email protected]
ANIG Secretary [email protected]
ANIG Vice Chairperson [email protected]
ANIG Telephone Representative [email protected]
ANIG Chairperson [email protected]
ANIG Archivist [email protected]
AVON Schools Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Share Liaison [email protected]
ANIG Employers Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Armed Forces Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Treasurer [email protected]
ASIG Employers Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Chairperson [email protected]
ASIG Vice Chairperson [email protected]
ASIG Secretary [email protected]
ASIG Probation Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Archivist [email protected]
ASIG Share Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Telephone Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Health Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Telephone Representative [email protected]
ASIG Regional Telephone Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Regional Representative [email protected]
ASIG Hostels Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Young Persons Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Prison Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Where To Find Liaison [email protected]
ASIG Public Information [email protected]
WSO Vice Chairperson [email protected]
AVON Electronic Communications [email protected]
WSO Office Administrator [email protected]
WSO Data Organiser [email protected]
WSO Home Rota Organiser [email protected]
WSO Office Rota Organiser [email protected]
AVON Archive (no Reply) [email protected]
WSO Secretary [email protected]
WSO Chairperson [email protected]
WSO Treasurer [email protected]

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